4 Easy Ways To Save On Wedding Costs

 Once engaged, the biggest concern of any couple should be their marriage and not their budget. They just need to avoid ballooning expenses.

Every engaged couple dreams of a perfect wedding. However, that perfect wedding usually comes with a price tag (and a guest list that seems to get longer every day). A lot of brides and grooms start off their marriage on the wrong foot by fighting over the wedding expenses. Below are five easy ways for couples to avoid all the unnecessary squabbling so they can concentrate on each other and building a life together.

  1.     The couple can agree to invite people they both know. They can leave out the friend of the friend of an aunt and make sure they know all the people they want to celebrate with. This will definitely help them trim down the guest list and help them explain better to their enthusiastic parents.
  2.     The size of the party can be limited by a preselected wedding venue. The couple can choose a venue that fits their ideal guest list. They can avoid expandable booking venues so that it disciplines them to stick to their agreed-upon number of guests.
  3.     Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. The couple should describe to each other what the wedding will be like. What will the guests remember? What will their family treasure? From then on, they’ll be able to see what’s truly essential to the two of them. They might decide, for example, that they could skip the wedding video and just stick to still photography. Or they might realize that they don’t need a three-tier cake and favor a sister’s offer to make home-made cupcakes.
  4.     Weddings that the couple has previously attended can lead the way. They might be surprised that the only thing they remember from a wedding they attended was the speech of the father of the bride and the food. Or they might have been really irritated by the fact that the reception was an hour and a half away from the ceremony, and there was no food to munch on in between. Seeing things from the guest’s point of view can help the couple skip on the “nice-to-haves” and concentrate on the “must-haves.”

Wedding expenses should be put in the context of the family expenses. The couple should keep in mind that, at the end of the day, their wedding is only the first day of their marriage. It is a celebration with the people who matter to them and not a matter of life and death.

The wedding should only be a certain percentage of the couple’s family income and not an opportunity to splurge (and get into debt).


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