Do It Yourself Wedding Planning

In this economy, brides are turning to their inner organizer and crafter when it comes to planning their wedding. The do it yourself wedding is becoming popular.

Many brides are sending out invitations, which they have designed, and put together themselves. Centerpieces and other decorations are being put together by the bride and groom on a Friday night while watching a movie and eating pizza. Plus, brides are taking it upon themselves to design, plan, and put together their special day instead of hiring professional help (i.e., consultant, planner, decorator).

The Do-It-Yourself Wedding Decision

If having a do-it-yourself wedding is truly something you believe you can do all on your own, then do it. It makes the wedding so much more special. Just knowing you put it all together, including creating the decorations and invitations, gives it a personal touch no professional can offer.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Issues

However, the do-it-yourself wedding comes with other issues. Stress! Sure, you may feel some self-satisfaction knowing you completed a job well done, but you will also feel the stress of doing it all yourself. The more of your wedding planning you do, the more stress you will encounter.

Do-It-Yourself Questions to Ask Yourself

So is a do it yourself wedding really for you and your soon-to-be spouse? It is a difficult decision that only you can make. Do not let family or friends push you into hiring a consultant you cannot afford. Or on the other hand, guilt you into not spending a lot of money by making your own centerpieces, and you are really not creative at all. If you do something you do not feel comfortable doing, it will only add to your stress and make your day not so special.

Below is a mini-checklist to see if a do-it-yourself wedding is right for you. If you answer "yes" to a majority of the questions, then definitely this is a project you can handle. If you answer "no" to about 25 percent of the questions, you may need a little bit of professional help. However, if you answer "no" to more than 50 percent of the questions, you should definitely seek professional help the minute he pops the question.

        1. Are you crafty?
        2. If needed, will your fiancĂ© help out?
        3. Will he give update night to help put the centerpieces together?
        4. Do you have time to put things together?
        5. Are you able to stay calm in stressful situations?
        6. Are you organized?
        7. Do you have family or friends who will be willing to help? Especially without giving their input?
        8. Are you creative?
        9. Can you create something out of nothing?
        10. Do you consider yourself a good party planner?
        11. Do you love to plan parties?

You will also want to ask yourself if you want help with part of your wedding planning or all of it. Many wedding sites offer a variety of services, which may help you with your planning, but still allow you to do most of the work. Others, like the Wedding Pavilion at Walt Disney World, offer full service giving you peace of mind during planning. However, it comes with a hefty price tag with it.

There are so many more questions to consider, but these are the top questions to consider. If you cannot answer "yes" to these, trust me, a do-it-yourself wedding is not for you. However, on the other hand, if you answered "yes" to all of the questions, then you definitely need to become a bridal consultant!

Have fun planning your wedding, and remember, it will be a day you will remember forever; make it as special as you can!


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