Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

Brides and grooms have had a beautiful wedding and save money on their wedding flowers. A few ideas to help prevent brides and grooms from going over budget on their wedding.

Use Alternate Forms of Decorations

Fortunately, there is more than one way to create drama for a wedding ceremony or reception. Decorating with an abundance of flowers is beautiful but expensive. Candles are beautiful when they are combined with low lighting. Combining candles with rocks, colored sand, or mirrors can create dramatic centerpieces without the expense of flowers. Omitting flowers doesn't mean that a bride has to exclude all types of greenery. Grasses and fruits can liven up a room and add a pop of color to any venue.

Keep the Types of Flowers to a Minimum

Using multiple kinds of flowers increases the price of floral decorations. Weddings that utilize a variety of flowers typically have larger budgets for a good reason. If multiple flowers are imported, the additional cost is transferred to the bride and groom. Couples that keep the types of flowers to a minimum can save a lot more money on their flower budget.

Use Flowers in Season

Using flowers in season may be the easiest way a couple can save money on their flower budget.

Some flowers that are in season are as follows:

     Spring - tulip, apple blossom and heather
     Summer - cornflower, lily-of-the-valley and sweet pea
     Fall/Autumn - sunflower, dahlia and morning glory
     Winter - snowdrop, calla lily and holly berries

Some flowers that are available in multiple seasons are as follows:

     Available year-round - chrysanthemum and iris
     Available during spring and summer - daisy
     Available during spring and autumn - lily
     Available during the spring, autumn and winter - orchid
     Available in summer and autumn - rose

Make Flowers Do Double Duty

Many brides have flowers for the ceremony and flowers for the reception. Yet, it is not uncommon for the venue to throw the flower arrangements away or donate them once the ceremony is over. Brides should speak to their florists and ask them if they can use the ceremony flowers for the reception or use specific flowers to enhance the reception decor. For example, a florist can take some rose petals and use them to enhance a tablescape or add a few roses to the wedding cake.

Building a beautiful reception is easy, and brides and grooms don't have to go broke to do it.


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