Bridal Shower Tea Party

 Create a fun and memorable bridal shower tea party by making it an all-dipping occasion using fondues, tea, coffee, and milk.

Scrap the traditional muffins-and-scones-with-tea approach and use dip-friendly treats that bring out delightful flavors and moods. And remember to personalize the occasion by using china and tableware that reveal the bride’s favorite colors and shapes.

Materials Needed

Cheese fondue pot

Chocolate fondue pot

Fondue forks

3 tasting cups per person (for coffee, tea, and milk)

1 plate per person

A selection of cookies, biscuits, and bread for each dipping liquid or sauce

Small bowls for nuts and other toppings

1 small washcloth per person to wipe fingers

1 small tray per person to place washcloth

Place the fondue pots in the center of the table with different platters encircling them. If there is not enough room to place everything, it’s not a bad idea to have the bridal shower tea party on the floor with mats in a round configuration. This can set a more intimate and leisurely ambiance.

Cheese Fondue Dippers

Crusty bread cubes


Apple wedges






Baby mushrooms

Zucchini cubes

Cucumber slices (thick)

Cherry tomatoes


Sausage cubes


Chicken bits

Potato cubes

Chocolate Fondue Dippers


Banana slices





Kiwi cubes (firm)


Coconut chunks


Pretzel rods

Pear slices

Pineapple bits


Pound cake cubes

Angel cake cubes

Banana bread cubes

Brownie cubes

Rice crispy cubes

Chewy fruit snacks

Red licorice bites

Dried fruits

*On the side, prepare mini bowls of shredded coconuts, roasted almond bits, and crushed peanuts as options to sprinkle on top.

Dipping Etiquette

Double dipping in a communal fondue pot is considered rude and is susceptible to germs, so it should be avoided, even when the bridal shower tea party is with a group of close girlfriends.

Tea Dippers

Peppermint Herbal Tea + Dark chocolate-coated biscuits and Milano cookies

English Breakfast Tea + Sugar cookies, almond cookies, shortbread cookies, and plain biscuits

Green tea + Lemon cookies with vanilla cream filling, lemon bars, jelly-filled shortbread cookies, and plain biscuits

Chai Tea + Gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and plain biscuits

Earl Grey Tea + Sugar cookies and shortbread cookies

Chamomile Tea + Chocolate coated and plain biscuits.

Black Coffee Dippers

Milano chocolate or mint cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Twix candy bar

Almond, chocolate, and vanilla Biscotti

Sweetened Coffee Dippers

White toast

Raisin walnut bread

Cigar wafer rolls

Plain tea biscuits

Milk Dippers

Graham crackers

Peanut butter cookies

Crunchy chocolate chip cookies

Oreo cookies

Nilla wafers

Cookies with cream filling

Remember to organize and separate food plates by their drink or sauce pairing. Platters can also be set on a side buffet table so that the eating table has more space and looks neater. Soft background music is also a good mood-setting idea. Choose a song playlist that matches the theme, and finally, a successful bridal shower tea party is well on its way.


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