Cheap Wedding Ideas to Save Money

 Weddings have grown to be expensive affairs. Implement these cheap wedding ideas to save money and stay within a budget.

When it comes to a wedding, the bride and groom want to remember creating a fun and memorable day shared with family and friends – not that the day was a cheap or thrifty affair. This can be accomplished by cutting costs on things that won’t be missed.

Splurge on What is Important, Save on Everything Else

Once the wedding budget has been set, decide what is important – and what is “extra.” Focusing on a few important things, and then cutting costs on lesser things is an easy way to stay within budget. Every couple is different and has to decide on their own what is worth spending the money, and what will not be missed.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Wedding Projects

There are certain aspects of a wedding that can easily be tackled with a “DIY” attitude, which will also save money. Save-the-date wedding magnets can be easily created at home. Many craft and office supply stores sell blank wedding invitations that can be printed at home. 

Favors are another easy item to do at home – purchase bags of individually wrapped or small pieces of candy, pick what to package it in – tulle with ribbon or small Chinese-style take out boxes – and wrap it up. Guests like favors that are food, whether it’s packaged elaborately or simply.

Enlist the Help of Friends

Another easy way to save money is by enlisting the help of family or friends where possible. Using the established relations, negotiate a discounted rate, or see if they offer their duties as a wedding gift. Never assume that friends or family will agree to provide a service for free – always offer a form of payment upfront - leave it up to them to decline or accept.

Areas where friends or family can provide their services:

Photography or videographer

Music or vocal performance during the ceremony or cocktail/dinner hour

Providing audio equipment – be your own DJ with an iPod or laptop

Baking the wedding cake

Style the bride and bridesmaids hair or applying make-up

Supplying items for favors at a discount

Cut Costs Where Guest Won’t Notice

Do guests really pay attention to the centerpieces – and care how fancy they are? Likely not. Get creative by using things like mirrors, glass candle holders (check resale stores!), candles, glass beads, ribbon, fake flowers, and anything else found at a craft or resale store. Also, talk to friends or family members who were recently married, and see what can be borrowed from them or purchased at a discount.

Do guests notice wedding flowers, other than the bride’s bouquet, and maybe the bridesmaids’ bouquets? Extra flowers like corsages, boutonnieres, altar flowers, centerpieces, arrangements on the cake, gift, or guestbook tables likely largely go unnoticed. Save money and focus on just the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Additionally, when ordering flowers, ask your florist what is in season – those flowers are more affordable. Avoid including exotic or out-of-season flowers in the bouquets. Be very specific on the size of the bouquets – give exact measurements in inches. Otherwise, most florists hear the word “wedding” and create large, elaborate – and expensive – bouquets.

Save Money on Attire

It is likely that a bride will never wear her wedding dress after her wedding day. Keep this in perspective when wedding dress shopping. It is important for a bride to select a dress that makes her feel beautiful, but there are plenty of beautiful dresses available at affordable prices. Many cheap wedding dresses do not look cheap.

David’s Bridal carries many wedding dress styles that are similar to designer dresses at a fraction of the price. Additionally, a fancier style of bridesmaid dress can be ordered in white or ivory and still look like a wedding dress once the bride dons a veil. Resale stores or web sites also have many wedding dresses available at low prices – and the dress has only been worn once!

For the bride that falls in love with a designer dress, check the internet to see if it is available at a discount. Additionally, many designers offer simpler versions of their popular styles at a lower price.

For shoes, check sites like and stores like Payless and DSW to find stylish shoes at low prices. Visit the web site to find beautiful handmade (and often unique) jewelry at affordable prices.

Remember to Keep the Day in Perspective

The wedding is just one day – the marriage is forever. No wedding will ever be absolutely perfect, but a wedding on a budget can still be enjoyable and memorable for the bride, groom, and their guests. By cutting costs on some of the “extras,” couples can save money for the things that are truly important in their wedding budget.


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