Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

Preparing your big day can be an exhausting and chaotic time. You want to make sure every aspect is just so so that you can look back on this day with totally good memories. A large aspect of the process is choosing your color scheme. 

As you flip through color possibilities with your wedding decorator, sometimes embarrassing tales of gaudy colors and tackier bridesmaid attire are bouncing around your brain. Here to assist you in managing this busy time is a simple guide on how to decide on your wedding colors.

The First Step Is To Make A List Of Your Preferred Colors

You don't have to be completely succinct; you may jot down the blue in lieu of deep blue with a touch of fuchsia. These are the shades you should consider first. You do not wish to choose a color you won't like for your biggest moments. Don't forget; the wedding pictures last for decades! If you are undecided, turn to the world around you for a number of weeks: notice ads and color combinations that you might enjoy. You likely have a fav among them and haven't yet had time to realize it.

Now you ought to consider your wedding theme.

If you have a specific idea, such as Baroque or Roaring Twenties, then that will simplify the process. Do a bit of online research to figure out what colors were most applicable in that period. Peruse artworks from your favorite time periods and cultures to help visualize color options and be inspired. If you are having a seasonal wedding, for example, Thanksgiving or fall, then you'll be forced to constrain your color possibilities.

In case you do not have a given theme, you also have a unique type. Are you and in conjunction with your celebration, traditional or more eccentric? Do you like more common-place dresses or the trendiest fashions? Your wedding palette will be decided by the atmosphere of your special day. For a church ceremony and reception, you surely need to choose soft pastel shades. For a dramatic wedding, dark shades will add to the atmosphere.

Once you have narrowed down your wedding color selections, you can go over color swatches, then picture the costumes and backdrop. A few colors are fabulous but in limited doses. Those colors can be accent pieces added to your neutral shades, such as pearl. 

As you sort things out, eliminate any colors that don't hit the spot. It is easy to talk yourself into an idea, yet much more challenging to live with the selection. Many times, you will know the ideal choice when you see it. Don't double-guess your gut. If you enjoy the color yourself, that is what matters.

The last order of business is to critically assess the reality of the chosen palette. As professionals, wedding professionals and dressmakers have tools or systems to do a preview of what your color scheme will look like. At this moment, details can be changed. Don't forget to be open to advice, but remember that it's still your special time and should be decorated the way you want.


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