Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle


Whether opting for a formal updo or choosing a carefree wedding hairstyle, the following tips and tricks can help any bride-to-be find her best wedding hairstyle.

When it comes to looking for the perfect wedding day hairstyle, each bride-to-be has her own unique vision. While the most common wedding hairstyles are formal updo designs, it is increasingly popular for a bride-to-be to choose a carefree, more casual style.

What Is Your Hair Type?

The first stepping in finding a beautiful wedding hairstyle is an honest analysis of the hair of the bride-to-be. While many brides page endlessly through wedding magazines or websites to find inspiration for their hair, they often choose styles that are not realistic for their specific hair type. By determining the hair type before looking for wedding day hairstyles, the bride-to-be can look for styles that will work well with their hair.

The thickness, texture, and length of the hair all come into play when deciding the best wedding hairstyle. These characteristics also help determine what veil or headpiece is best for the bride-to-be.

Wedding Hair Ideas For Short Hair

Some brides with short hair may feel their options are limited with their short locks. However, many options exist for brides with short hair. Sparkly barrettes or small jewel-tone hair clips can help dress up brides with short hair, while classic headbands or a smooth, sleek style can also make short hair look more formal.

Another way to dress up short hair for a wedding is to add a small flower or floral hairpiece to the side of the hair, adding a romantic touch.

Wedding Hair Ideas For Shoulder Length Hair

Finding a hairstyle for shoulder length hair can prove to be a challenge. Often, this length of hair has many different layers. As a result, it can be difficult for all of the hair to work in the typical formal updo style. Popular wedding hair ideas for shoulder length hair include a half-up and half-down style.

The half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle involves taking the front part of the hair in front of the ears and pulling it back in a sweep toward the back of the bride's head. Adding some curls can soften this look.

Loose braids and soft curls are also options for shoulder length wedding hairstyles.

Wedding Hair Ideas For Long Hair

Long hair can be defined as hair that extends beyond the shoulder with any amount of length. While many feel that long hair offers the most options for the wedding day, it can be difficult to style for an all-day event.

Long hair works well for formal updo styles, including a French twist, chignon, or another form of an updo. However, thick, heavy hair is difficult to keep pinned in place for an entire day. The weight of the hair can cause hairpins to slip. Additionally, it can be difficult for long hair to retain curl throughout a long wedding day.

Regardless of what wedding hairstyle is chosen for the wedding day, it is important to do a "fair trial" before the wedding. This trial run, which is done with the stylist who will be doing the bride's hair for the wedding, helps the bride decide if her wedding hair vision matches the reality of how her hairstyles in real life.

Further, the stylist has an opportunity to work with the hair to see how it performs when formally styled. To get the best from a wedding hair trial, the bride should bring pictures of styles she likes, as well as styles she does not like. Providing a wedding hair visual goes a long way in getting the best wedding hair possible.


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