Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget - Details

 Once the dress, the location, and the reception are taken care of, all that's left is to spruce up the venues for the wedding and the reception.

While a wedding, in general, can cost a great deal of money, little things such as flowers, decorations, and reception favors can quickly increase the amount of money a bride and groom spend on their big day. However, there are ways to spruce up the wedding site and reception venue without going over budget or going broke.


If the wedding and reception are going to be indoors, consider the style of the venue before buying flowers. Is the church already ornately decorated? Does the reception hall already have a decorating scheme? If so, then going crazy with extra decorations may make the venue look overdone and cost a lot of unnecessary money. If there are already flowers, don't purchase an entirely new set because flowers are an expected part of a wedding budget.

If the wedding and reception are outdoors, look for venues that are naturally decorated. If there are flower gardens all around, simply purchase flowers for the bridal party and the bride and groom. Keep in mind personal flower gardens, and if the bride or groom prefers, cut flowers fresh from a family flower garden and use those, or create bouquets and settings by using fabric flowers. The flowers can also be kept after the wedding as a keepsake for the bride and groom.


When it comes to decorations, take a look at the possibilities that are already around the house. Is a reception hall decorated with white twinkle lights what the bride and groom want? If so, dig them out of the attic and get them cleaned up for the big day. Are big bows on the ends of the pews in order? If so, get ribbon or tulle from a party planning store and have someone help make them instead of purchasing them premade.

Centerpieces for the reception can also pull double duty as wedding favors. Candles floating in a small glass dish with colored stones at the bottom can be an elegant yet inexpensive way to decorate and help guests commemorate the occasion. If a bride and groom are looking for something a little more fun, substitute the dishes for decorative martini glasses. Encourage guests to take the centerpieces home with them as favors instead of having them put in boxes and stored away.

A wedding and reception can look great while still staying within a budget. Creativity and a little ingenuity can go a long way and save a bride and groom money while still commemorating the occasion in a special way.


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