Plan A Beach Wedding On A Budget

 The cost can easily soar when planning the perfect wedding on the beach. Save money when planning a beach wedding with the following tips.

Budget Beach Wedding Basics

One of the easiest ways to save money with any themed wedding is to reduce the guest list. If a couple has not seen people on their guest list in the past year and doesn’t plan on keeping in touch with people on their list, then those people should be cut.

Another way to save money is to rent a large beach house on the ocean to have the reception. Have the ceremony on the beach behind the beach house but make sure that a permit isn’t required to get married on the beach. The bride and groom, as well as the wedding party, can stay in the house during the wedding weekend. That way, the couple can save money on hotel rentals which could add up to the amount that it costs to rent the beach house.

Make the wedding invitations. Casual invitations go well with a beach wedding, so don’t spend a ton of money on the invitations. Buy a kit to make invitations at Target or Michael’s, and no one will know the difference.

The bride can save money on wedding shoes by getting a pair of flip-flops for the ceremony and reception. She’ll be able to dance the entire night without having aching feet. Also, ditch the veil for an exotic flower.

The Budget Beach Wedding Ceremony

A couple doesn’t need to do much decorating when they have the ocean as the background for the wedding. Don’t spend money on ceremony decorations when it isn’t needed. Rent chairs or benches for the ceremony and get married under a simple canopy decorated with sheer fabric.

If a couple gets married about one hour before sunset, they won’t need to rent a tent to make sure their guests are comfortable. Not renting a large tent could save thousands of dollars.

The Reception

If a couple rents a large beach house for the reception, they can buy their own drinks for the reception, which could cut the costs immensely. Have a couple of trusted friends make and pour the drinks for guests. Make sure that guests have a safe way to get back to their hotels.

Hire a local catering company to provide the food for the event. The couple should request for the caterers to set it up buffet style, so they don’t have to pay for servers. Hire a couple of people to replenish food as needed.

Skip the cake and give guests small servings of sorbet instead. Guests will enjoy the cold treat on a hot summer night.

Follow the tips above to save money on a beach wedding and still have the wedding of one’s dreams.


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