Wedding Shower Games

 Some people love wedding shower games, and others dread them. There’s no reason why the guests or guests of honor should dread playing games at a bridal shower. They should provide fun and laughter for everyone at the party. Showers celebrate upcoming weddings for both the bride and groom. While some events include only the bride, others include the groom as well. This article describes some wedding shower games perfect for a ladies-only or couples shower.

Bingo Shower Game

Gift bingo helps keep guests entertained before and during the opening of the presents. Before, the hosts give each guest an empty bingo card. Each person writes down a gift he or she thinks the bride or groom will open during the shower. Then, if the couple does get the gift, the guest crosses the square out and continues crossing out spaces until he or she gets a bingo.

Sometimes, this game takes a designated judge to decide if a gift matches the description in a square. For example, if a guest writes “hand towels” and the bride gets washcloths, some people consider that a match. Others require the exact matching items to win this wedding shower game.

Clothespin Wedding Shower Game

Wedding shower games can last throughout the party. The clothespin game involves clipping a clothespin on each guest when they arrive. Then, tell them the rules. No one can say the word “wedding.” Anyone who hears another person says the designated word can take their clothespin. Of course, you could make it more difficult and have the forbidden word be the bride’s or groom’s name.

Winning the clothespin game doesn’t happen until the end of the bridal shower. The person with the most clothespins wins a prize. Of course, it’s customary for the winner to give the prize to the bride.

Bride’s Appearance

One of the most interesting wedding shower games involves testing how observant guests are in relation to the bride. Have the bride leave the room, and if it’s a couples shower, have the groom leave as well. Then, ask the guests a series of questions and have them write down the answers. Questions should deal with hairstyles, accessories, the color of her outfit, and the style of her shoes. The person who answers the most questions right wins.

Most people play wedding shower games at bridal showers. Some games are quite boring, but if you keep them entertaining with the clothespin, bride’s appearance, and bingo game, everyone will have a great time.


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