5 Easy Ways To Jazz Up Wedding Reception Food

 Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your upcoming wedding reception? Here are five ways to put the kibosh on stodgy, boring reception food that will have your guests oohing and ahhing.

Serve a Cheese Course

Looking for a unique way to welcome guests to your wedding reception? Pass on the cocktail only welcome and please their palates with a cheese course. Serve an assortment of domestic and imported cheeses and cheese-friendly accompaniments such as fruit, nuts, crackers, breads, jams and wine.

Set Up Food Stations

Create a wedding food adventure by setting up food stations instead of having a formal sit down dinner or buffet. From an appetizer station to a baked potato bar with gourmet toppings to a sushi rolling station or a pasta bar, guests will enjoy the variety and there will be plenty of options for everyone.

Can’t decide on one cuisine? Mix and match with a food station from each of your favorite countries. Or go more traditional and have a meat carving station, potato bar and salad bar. Stations are also a great way to cater to your guests who have special dietary needs and to more traditional guests while still having the unconventional touches that reflect you.

Brunch It Up

Want to put a funky twist on your wedding reception food; consider serving brunch. A brunch reception offers a more relaxed atmosphere than an evening fete. Brunch foods such as frittatas, wraps, eggs and muffins are usually much cheaper than dinner fare. Guests are also more likely to drink less than at an evening soiree, saving you some serious cash.

Think a brunch reception won’t offer enough variety? Consider setting up brunch stations; an omelet station, crepe station or a coffee bar would be great. Or forgo the full meal and opt instead for lighter bites. Serve brunch inspired hors d’oeurves such as mini quiche, French toast bites and fresh fruit as well as morning cocktails such as bloody marys, mimosas and sparkling wine. Remember to include plenty of healthy and vegetarian options.

Get Guests Interacting with Their Food

Take a tip from popular diner participation restaurants and create an interactive wedding reception food experience that will excite your guests. Set up a flat grill and hire grill cooks to help guests create their own stir fry using a variety of fresh meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, sauces, noodles and spices. If you are having a brunch reception, have guests create their own omelet or crepes complete with toppings.

Go Ethnic

Whether you are celebrating your heritage or just enjoying a cuisine you love, serving ethnic food is a great way to liven up run of the mill wedding reception fare. Still want to serve traditional chicken and beef? Jazz them up with a funky Cajun or Greek twist. Feature an around-the-world menu with everything from Chinese to Mexican. Or go all out and host a Hawaiian Luau reception complete with a roasted pig and foods of the islands.

Whatever you decide to serve at your wedding reception, don’t be afraid to bunk reception food cliches. Let your imagination run wild and have a party that reflects who you are.


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