Easy Ways To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

 Wedding invitations set the tone for the upcoming wedding. Although you can save money with unlined envelopes and laser printing techniques, there are other ways to save without affecting the overall look of the invitation. By trying one of these tips, you can keep your wedding invitation budget under control without going to Kinko’s to make your own.

If you will use stationary or thank you cards for the wedding as well as invitations, look for a printer that will offer you a package deal. If you use the same font and style, it is saves money on formatting costs for the printer, and saves money for the costumer as well. Also order a few more cards than you think you’ll need. There is always someone you forget to send an invitation to and you’ll want to include a blank card in your wedding book.

Take the time to do some price comparison. If you think you might want to use an internet company, order early and ask that a sample card be sent for your approval. This allows you to examine the actual work of the company, and gives you an extra chance to proofread the text.

Consider asking your guests to call if they can attend the wedding instead of including a RSVP card. This way no cards get lost in the mail and the guest can ask about registries and other things that should not be included in the invitation. Traditionally the mother of the bride organized these things, but someone else could take this task.

If you decide to do this, have a printed list of the guests, with room to mark meal preferences if applicable. After the RSVP date has passed, then you can simply call the guests you have not heard from to get a definite answer. Although this solution works best for smaller weddings, it can be a great chance to address any questions or problems well ahead of the date of the wedding with the guests.

Choose a standard size envelope to avoid penalty when it comes time to post the invitations. Square envelopes, rigid envelopes, even invitations that do not have the correct height to width ratio will be charged extra. Check on the United States Postal Service website for all possible extra charges and try to work within those boundaries when choosing your envelope.

Also avoid printing a separate reception card. A simple phrase stating the location of the reception is all you will need. When your guests call to confirm, you can offer directions on the phone or via email as necessary. Avoid sending maps, many people will lose their map or still require directions. Ask ushers to help everyone with directions on the day of the wedding.

By cutting down on excess printing and doing some research, you should be able to have a beautiful wedding invitation that fits your budget. The key for picking the perfect wedding invitation is to decide what makes them worthwhile for you. If you really like engraving, don’t despair. Instead, follow some other tips to keep costs low to fit what you love into your budget.


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