Food Baskets - Wedding Favors

 So many future brides go to great lengths to display the foods that are being offered at their wedding receptions. The cakes are tiered and center-stage. Cookies, cupcakes, and other goodies, are presented on tiered stands as well.

The tables might feature lace doilies, fancy cupcake wrappers, expensive chocolates, and other such offerings. But all of that is a little too much if you’re having, say, a country wedding. Instead of making a big production of the food table, do something much different, and give the table a laid-back feel.

Guests will enjoy choosing their own foods when you put out food baskets as favors or eats.

Not everyone likes every food. Some people will gobble a beautiful wedding cake and others don’t care for it. Some guests love fruit platters and others don’t. But when you make food baskets, and let your guests choose their own goodies, you make everyone happy.

Baskets that you use can match but they don’t absolutely have to. Each basket should be rather large so that it can hold several different foods. The baskets can be clothes baskets, draped in lace, apple baskets lined with gingham, wicker baskets painted in beautiful colors, or other types of baskets. Set out a few of them – loaded with treats and favors – and offer them to your guests during the party, or as they leave.

Brown paper bags look so charming in the baskets but you could also buy the bags in colors of white, pink, blue, and others. Fill several bags with foods and stand them in each basket. Make identical baskets full of the same foods or put different things in each basket.

There are many great foods and things that can be offered to your guests as eats and/or party favors. Fill a bag with apples, another with oranges, and another with peanuts in their shells. Fill a bag with individually-wrapped candies, another with popular candy bars, and another with small boxes of raisins. There are no limits to the foods that you can offer when you make baskets of brown paper bags.

You can offer other things besides foods in the baskets. Some things that could be given out include packets of lemonade mix, garden seeds, soaps, bath salts, tea lights, tea bags, and other things that most people love.

Just keep bags of food in one basket and bags of bath and other products in a different basket. Your guests are going to love the basket favors for what they offer and you’ll love them for the ease of getting them ready.


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