Honeymoon Packing Tips

Follow these honeymoon packing tips to ensure a stress-free start to a romantic vacation.

Thinking about a honeymoon usually brings to mind beautiful beaches, mango daiquiris, candlelit dinners, and scandalous bathing suits. Stress does not factor nicely into that equation. Preparing for a honeymoon by conscientiously packing one’s luggage can reduce the amount of stress a couple can feel during their vacation.

1. Check the airline’s regulations for baggage. Note how many checked bags and carry-on bags are allowed per person as well as size restrictions for carry-on bags.
2. Decide if new luggage needs to be purchased. When purchasing new luggage for a vacation consider how the luggage will be used in the future. Will it be used for long or short trips? Consider size, weight when empty, material, and extra features such as wheels, pockets, dividers, and zippers.
3. Each person should have at least one bag of their own to pack clothes and personal toiletries.
4. Purchase luggage tags if needed. Make sure that they clearly state name, home address, vacation address, and phone number in case a bag gets lost.
5. Begin a packing list a couple weeks before the honeymoon. Add to the list as things come to mind. Check things off as they’re packed and double check the list a couple days before the vacation.
6. Do laundry a week (or at least a few days) before the trip, so there will be time to plan outfits and pack during the week. If anything needs to be cleaned at the dry cleaners, get this done as soon as possible and leave the garments in the plastic bags. This will keep the clothes as wrinkle-free as possible.
7. Roll the garments. Don’t fold them. This will increase space in the luggage and help avoid wrinkles.
8. Pack underwear and socks inside of shoes and handbags. This helps to keep the shape of shoes and purses and uses space wisely.
9. Carry on at least one bag that contains a full change of clothes, bathing suit (if traveling to a hot destination), prescription medications, sunglasses and anything else that would completely ruin the trip if it got lost. Think about the must haves and pack them in the carry-on luggage.
10. Double bag all liquid products. Opening a bag to find everything ruined by one’s sparkling vanilla body lotion might ruin the romantic mood.
11. Pack the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items on the top. If there are heavy items such as books, shoes, or sporting equipment, ship them ahead of time to the hotel.
12. Photocopy all credit cards that are being taken on the trip and bring them on the honeymoon in case the cards get stolen. Leave a copy with a trusted relative or friend as well as a copy of the itinerary and hotel phone numbers.


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