Raising Money For Your Wedding

Let’s face it, a wedding can cost a lot of money. If you don’t already have a “wedding fund” set aside, there are ways to raise money and keep your big event within a budget that is manageable.

Sponsored Weddings

Sponsored weddings aren’t for the faint of heart. This is a wedding that someone else pays for – sometimes it’s a person, sometimes it’s a business. The key to being successful in finding a sponsor is to keep asking. Be persistent. For every 20 rejections you might get someone who will at least contribute. If you can get several contributors you might be able to have a great wedding. Consider approaching businesses with the offer to allow them to advertise their services or product at the wedding as part of the deal.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about sponsored weddings. Some people think it is tacky and low class, but it is entirely possible to have a sponsored wedding that is very classy and elegant. If you have corporate sponsors and their advertising is included as part of the decorations this can be done in a very subtle and elegant fashion. For example, including a business tag inside the reception favors is a way to include advertising. Another thing to remember is that not so long ago, young couples didn’t have the money for big weddings and their entire community would come together to create a wedding celebration for the happy couple.

Have a Fund Raiser

Another fun idea is to have a fund raiser. Have a few car washes over the spring and summer. If you get a bunch of friends together who are willing to help you, this can be a good way to raise money. Have a big spaghetti dinner for your neighborhood. This kind of dinner doesn’t cost a lot of money to make and if you charge a reasonable price while letting your neighbors know what the fund raiser is for, you might find you can raise a good amount this way.

Be Willing to Take a Second Job

There are lots of things you can do to raise money without taking a formal second job. Maybe you offer babysitting services to your neighbors. You could walk dogs. You could offer to be a personal chef or do someone’s books and bill paying for a while. If you have a skill or time to do extra jobs, use that and earn some extra money for your big day.

Scale Down

Maybe instead of having a huge wedding with 500 guests, you can cut your invitation list down to 100 guests. Reducing the size of your wedding can substantially decrease your budget expenses. It can give you additional options for less expensive ceremony and reception sites. It will also reduce the costs of your catering costs and decorating budget.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and challenging. With some creative thinking you can find ways to raise money for a wonderful and enjoyable wedding.


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