Save Money On Your Dream Wedding

 You’ve dreamed of this day all of your life, and you probably have nearly every detail planned out in your mind. Putting all of the pieces together can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

The average couple spends $25,200 on their wedding day. Since the average household income in the U.S in 2019 was $64,000, that’s more than ½ a year’s worth of working for one day! While that figure may not deter some couples, it should at least give you pause.

Five Simple Ways to Save:

 1.) Wedding Dress: To save money on your wedding dress you can either a.) Buy a used dress online or in your area, or b.) Browse wedding gown samples. They have huge sales in NYC in the winter (February) where you can get designer gowns for a fraction of the cost.
 2.) Make your own floral arrangements: While you will still need to purchase flowers, you can save a considerable amount of money by arranging them yourselves. You can use vases, or jars to make the centerpieces and the church décor.
 3.) Hire a new photographer: Just because a photographer is new, does not mean they are not capable of capturing the perfect moments on your big day. Ask to see their portfolio and do a few interviews before choosing the right one. Sometimes you can get a really good deal on a photographer who has an established business, but is just now getting into weddings.
 4.) Choose the right day and date: According to the best months to get married are January, March, April and November. These months are the least popular for weddings and major holidays, and can save you a bundle because of that. Most couples also choose to get married on a Saturday. But by choosing a week day or a Sunday can also drastically change the budget. If you choose a weekday you are probably going to be saving hundreds on your airfare as well because airlines typically have the best deals midweek.
 5.) Skip the open bar: This can be a hot topic debate for many couples, but having an open bar can cost you thousands of dollars and simply isn't worth it on your big day. If you want to have alcohol, have only wine or champagne.

Your big day should be perfect, just the way the two of you have always dreamed. Make it simple on yourselves, and try to stick to a well-defined budget. Doing this can allow you to maybe even plan your dream honeymoon at no cost to you! If you are given a budget by your parents and are able to stay under it, ask them if the rest can be used towards your honeymoon.


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