Three Ways To Save Money When Planning A Wedding

 The wedding industry is growing larger and larger each year, making it more and more difficult to plan a wedding on a tight budget. Creative money-saving tips can help.

Smart Money magazine reports that the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $21,000 to $24,000. While the average cost varies greatly between geographic regions, weddings are still one of the most expensive events in a couples’ life. By getting creative and using the following ideas as guidelines, couples can still host a beautiful, detailed wedding for a fraction of the average price.

    Choosing The Date and Time of the Wedding

Careful consideration of the date and the time of the wedding can save brides and grooms thousands of dollars. Most wedding professionals consider May through October to be peak wedding season. Opting for a wedding in the quieter months of November through April translates into saving hundreds of dollars of the cost of a reception venue. Vendors who are busy during the peak season are all fighting for the same business during off-peak times. This leaves more room for negotiation between the bride and groom and the vendors.

Additionally, the busiest day of the week to have a wedding is Saturday. Holding the wedding on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon can provide additional savings to the bride and groom. In many cases, opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding can cut the cost of a reception venue by 50% or more.

    Cut the Cake

Wedding cakes are beautiful, but the price tag accompanying them is not. If a wedding cake is a must-have, there are many options available to save money. For instance, the couple could opt for a smaller, two-tired wedding cake for display, and purchase a sheet cake, which remains in the kitchen, for serving the guests. The flavors and icing will look the same, but the cost will be drastically reduced and the guests will never know the difference.

Another option is to ask the bakery to make the largest tier at the bottom out of styrofoam, but decorate it the same way. That way, the bride and groom are only paying for the top tiers of cake. Considering wedding cake alternatives can also save the couple money, as can some relatively new options, such as renting the wedding cake.

    Saving Money With Flowers

Flowers are an expensive part of every wedding. Choosing flowers that are in season and native to the area in which the wedding will take place can significantly reduce the overall cost. Exotic flowers and flower arrangements that have more blooms than green can also run up the price. Avoid having a wedding near a holiday when flowers are a popular gift, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Flowers are more in demand during those times, which also raise the price. There are so many options available to you including growing your own flowers for all of the bouquets, or choosing to use silk flowers may also prove to more affordable.

Alternately, choosing to forego flowers for something a little more unusual, like a bouquet of feathers or carrying a candle, can also provide major savings.

No matter how large or small a wedding may be, saving money and planning a wedding on a budget can be easy. Keeping an open mind and considering all of the options, even if less tradtional, can save thousands of dollars, leaving the wedding couple free to enjoy their new life together with less debt.


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