Getting Married on a Cruise Ship


Did you know that you can get married on a cruise ship? In fact, one phone call and the cruise ship can start working on everything for your wedding on your behalf -food, photography, the cake; sometimes even tuxedo rentals, etc… All you have to do is send the invitations and voila! Your wedding can take place on board the ship prior to your romantic honeymoon.

Cruise ship weddings are usually held in a lounge, the ship’s chapel, a boardroom or the library. You can even have the ship’s captain marry you! Even better- there are a few cruise lines that will live stream your wedding online so that family and friends who can not attend can still watch you say, “I do!”

There are other benefits to getting married on your cruise ship as well including the fact that the ship will often throw in fun freebies such as champagne in your cabin on your wedding night, photos with the captain, exclusive tours of the ship, discounts on cruise ship vacation packages and discounts for any of your guests to cruise with you.

What’s the catch? Although there are several perks to getting married on a cruise ship here are some things to consider when deciding if a cruise ship wedding is right for you:

The cruise you choose may not allow weddings on board (ask your travel agent if your cruise line does weddings).

There may be additional licenses and fees for getting married on board.

If you have a large guest list you might not be able to invite everyone that you want to invite. In fact some wedding packages only accommodate eight guests.

Remember how above I mentioned that the cruise ship may offer discounts to your guests to cruise with you? If you don’t want any family or friends on your honeymoon cruise with you and your new spouse this could make your decision for you.

Now, I want to hear from you! Have you ever gotten married on a cruise ship or been to a wedding on one? What was it like? Tweet me at @AshleyisFamous, and tell me about it!


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