3 Winter Wedding Themes


Blue skies, puffy white little clouds and a gentle breeze that ruffles the lower edges of a perfectly picked wedding dress – there certainly is a reason why Summer and Fall are extremely popular seasons in which to host a wedding.

Winter, however, is an often overlooked option that makes a lot of sense when examined more closely. Holding a Winter wedding liberates you from the stress of finding a venue that is both perfect and available, since most of the appropriate wedding locations see things slow down significantly during the Winter months.

By extension, caterers and photographers see their business move like molasses during these months, and it is often much easier to negotiate price with them as a result. But discovering that Winter can be a welcome time to wed is only half the battle – the other half involves finding themes that fit the season as well as those that go hand in hand with the typical seasonal weddings.

Christmas Themes:

This theme, of course, works well if your wedding is scheduled in the vicinity of the Christmas holiday. For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, certain aspects of the Christmas theme work well as a warm and inviting red and green theme.

Churches and other venues will typically already have some sort of decoration up, and a variety of seasonal decorations are ready at your disposal as well, significantly cutting the décor section of your budget. There are also a generous amount of sub-themes at your disposal – you could, for example, pull up as a bride and groom in a sleigh rather than a limo.

Not only is there a wide array of traditional Christmas decoration material at your fingertips, a Christmas theme also allows a large degree of unique interpretation and creativity to create an interesting and memorable spin for your special occasion.

Snowflake Theme:

A snowflake theme allows a massive amount of creativity when it comes to invitations, decorations (for example, snowflake ice sculptures), flower arrangements and the cake. A beautiful sea of white, accompanied by falling snowflakes can instantly create an inspiring backdrop on which to wed. And, given the natural simplicity of the snowflake itself, this is a theme that can be as humble or extravagant as you decide to make it.

Silver and Gold:

Silver and Gold works extremely well as a Winter theme. The two colors each have their own individual style of sparkle, and are awe inspiring when combined. Gold also lends itself extremely well to being used as a trim, and silver looks beautiful when trimmed with gold. The two go hand in hand.

Also, since your theme simply revolves around color, it is very easy to be creative with the decorative objects you used within invitations and the wedding chamber. This theme, more so than the others, is elegant and easy to work with.

The most important thing to remember with Winter weddings is that, unlike the Summer and Fall, your decorations must in part combat the dreariness of the weather outside.

Regardless of your theme, you’ll want to remember to use warm and rich decorative colors. You’ll want to keep the spirit of winter in the place cards and other favors, but you can use the right flowers (such as poinsettias, roses, tulips, mistletoe and asters) to bring warmth to the occasion.


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