DIY Invitations For A Winter Wedding


Is there a winter wedding in your future? Do you want to save money and make your own invitations? Here are some ideas and tips to do just that for your wedding day!

First you should decide what type of winter invitation theme you would like to use. You could do something like snowflakes, holly, doves, or if you are having your wedding close to Christmas time you could do ornament balls on your invitations. You can be creative; it's your day so design the invitations to your liking.

Then you will need to get the cards or paper you will be using for your invitations. You can buy the cards or paper from stores such as Walmart, Target, Hobby craft, or Michaels. They also have some invitations with pre-printed designs on them. If you don't find a pre-printed design that would match the theme you chose, you can get blank cards or paper and find a design on your software to add to the invitation.

When you buy your paper or invitations I would suggest factoring in a few extra's over the amount of invitations you will need just in case the first few printed do not look good, and then that way you do not have to worry about going and buying more in the middle of printing out your invitations.

Then depending on the software you use such as Microsoft Word, Print Master, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe. You can almost use any type of software to design an invitation. Once you decide on the software you need to set the parameters of the card or paper you are using so that it prints out correctly.

Next step would be deciding the wording you would like to use on your invitation. You can search the internet to come up with ideas to use on your invitations or if you would like to be creative you can come up with your own.

Once you have the invitations all designed on your computer software program, do a print preview to make sure you like the layout of the picture and wording that you are using. Make sure the font size and style look good. I would suggest a font style that looks like script as it is elegant and beautiful. If you would like you could use colors such as red, green, or blue on your winter wedding invitations, or you could always use the normal black to keep it simple.

As always, this is your day, so make sure the invitations you want to make reflect your special moment. Play around with the design on the computer until you find one you love. I wish you good luck with your designing and I also wish you a wonderful day for a beautiful winter wedding!!


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