DIY Winter Wedding Centerpieces


If you are looking into doing a winter wedding there are many ideas to choose from. Your theme can be poinsettias, snowflakes, snowmen or penguins. Colors themes can be from red and green or white and blue. Here are two ideas to pick from.

The first center piece I am going to create will be with snowflakes and the color theme will be white and blue. I am trying to get an eloquent but fashionable design. Items that you will need are listed below.

Snowflake Centerpiece:

- Round Mirror
- Snowflake stickers
- Candle with designs of snowflakes
- Small silver or gold bells
- Crystal Iced Centerpiece Candle ring
- Blue Rose buds

First you would put the mirror in the middle of the table and put four small stickers around the mirror, imagine the four corners. Then you would put the candle ring on the mirror and the candle in the middle of it. You could do one candle in the middle or do three candles, one taller and two shorter ones. Depending on your budget and what you want to spend.

This you can arrange the night before and have it all set up on the tables. Then I would take three to five blue rose buds and arrange them around the candle ring. Depending on the ring is how many rose buds you want. Make it look eloquent but not crowded.

Then you would put the little bells in between the rose buds. The easiest way would be to tie them on, they usually come with a little string attached. You can hot glue them but I think that the glue would show and look tacky. You could put the bells on the night before too if you know where you are placing the rose buds, if not, then after you do the rose buds.

The second centerpiece will be a poinsettia log. This will be more of a homemade traditional centerpiece.

Poinsettia Log:

- Log
- 6 inch dome taper candles (red and white)
- Poinsettia flowers
- White garland or Strings of beads (Red)
- Glue gun and glue sticks

This will be more of a homemade traditional, fashion centerpiece. You will need to get some cedar or pine logs about 6" to 8" inches long and clean them up or get them at a hardware store. Then you need to drill three holes or five holes in them depending on how long they are to put a taper candle in it.

You would hot glue the garland around the log so it stays in place and make sure it will sit flat on the table. Then you would wrap the sting of beads in the middle of the garland and just glue it in a few spots. Place your candles in the holes.

I would do two white and one red in the middle. This all can be done the night before. The wedding day I would then glue poinsettia buds in between the candles and some small ones on the garland. This center piece will be lovely in the middle of the table and short enough that everyone can talk to each other around the table. This center piece can enhance the theme of bride's bouquet with red or white roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, or calla lilies and of course poinsettias.

Have fun arranging the centerpieces and get the brides maids or family to help to involve them in this memorable event.


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