Saving Money on Destination Weddings


Getting married is one of the biggest expenses in the life of a couple. It is this reason that leads many couples to choosing to forego tradition and choose a destination wedding. That said, even a destination wedding can cost a pretty penny, but there are ways to save money no matter where you decide to say “I do.”

Don’t invite everyone. The beauty of a destination wedding is that most people will not be able to attend. The guest list is generally less than 30 people and flight and hotel accommodations for guests are not the responsibility of the couple.

Book early and save. If you book far enough in advance your hotel may be willing to sell at a lower rate just to get the room sold. Plus, you will avoid the risk that the cheaper rooms are sold out.

Honeymoon where you wed. Save the additional air fare by sticking with one fun location for both the wedding and honeymoon.

Ask about package deals and you might just score a free wedding. Did you know that there are resorts that will include your ceremony, a wedding meal and a cake for free with your room reservation as long as you stay a minimum number of days? It’s true! If you are already staying at the resort, why not take advantage of a free wedding? Some resorts will even throw in extra perks like rose petals on the bed and champagne in your room on your wedding night.

Just have a commitment ceremony. Getting married outside of the U.S. can be really expensive and there is often a lot of paperwork. Sometimes there are even blood tests, doctor exams and other rules that make it harder to marry abroad. If you want to avoid those extra fees and a lot of hassle, just have a commitment ceremony where you say all of your vows, but make it legal at home.

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Is a Destination Wedding right for you?

Wedding planning takes a lot of effort and before you know it you could start feeling like it’s become your second full time job. One thing many couples are doing to forgo all of the planning and skip right to the fun while saving a lot of money is to have a destination wedding instead of a traditional one. But is a destination wedding right for you? Here are some things to consider before you decide:

Can you get away with having 30 guests or less? Although some destination weddings are simple held in another state, most of them are in a completely different country. Because of this the guest lists are astronomically shorter than those of a traditional wedding. Odds are your great Aunt Suzie and your third cousin Tim won’t be in attendance. For some couples this makes a destination wedding all the more appealing, but for others they want everyone to be there to witness the day.

Is money an issue? At the time of this writing, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,200. Most destination weddings can be an all-inclusive price of $5,000 to $10,000 or less depending on where and when you choose to get married. The savings alone is what draws so many couples to leave tradition at the door and have a destination wedding.

Would you be willing to settle for an after party? If you can’t bare the thought of your family and friends not being involved in your nuptials you could always have a really large party in lieu of an expensive wedding. It will be cheaper than a reception and can be as formal or as informal as you would like.

Are you planning somewhere exotic for your honeymoon? One of the reasons it makes economical sense to have a destination wedding is you can honeymoon in the same place where you say “I do!”

Do you mind if it’s just a ceremony and not a legal wedding? Destination weddings are often just a commitment ceremony and not technically legal in the eyes of the United States because of all the paperwork required for a legal wedding in another country. Many couples who opt for a destination wedding will marry at the courthouse in their hometown and then have a ceremony to seal the deal.

If this post has convinced you a destination wedding is right for you, call your travel agent today so they can get started planning your wedding. If instead it pushed you towards the traditional route, that’s okay too because they can still help you plan the perfect honeymoon.


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