Including Pets In A Wedding

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 Many people want to include their four-legged family members at their wedding. Here are a few ideas about how to include cats and dogs at the wedding.

To many people, pets are just as much a part of the family as humans. Finding ways to include pets in a wedding can be challenging, especially if the selected venue is less than cooperative. Still, there are ways to include furry friends in just about any wedding.

Bouquet Alternative

If the venue allows pets, there will, obviously, be many more options available. One such option is to forgo the traditional bridal bouquet and instead carry a dog or cat down the aisle. This will work best with a small, well-behaved dog or a very docile cat.

Tie a ribbon around the pet’s neck and arrange to have someone take over dog-sitting duties upon the bride’s arrival at the altar.

Ring Bearer

Another fun idea for including a pet in a wedding at a venue that allows pets is to have the dog act as the ring bearer.

This has become quite a popular option among those who want to include their pet in a wedding. Simply fashion a ring bearers pillow with ribbon so that it will tie securely around the dog’s belly. Tie the rings onto the pillow and send the dog down the aisle.

Again, this will work best with an obedient dog. It was a perfect choice when the dog belonged to the groom because the ring bearer will make his appearance before the bride. It will be completely natural for the ring bearing dog to head straight down the aisle towards his master.


While there are some venues that will happily allow pets to be present at the wedding, many will not. In that case, it calls for a bit more creativity in order to find ways to include pets in weddings. The cake is one way to do that.

Some choose a cake topper featuring dogs or cats that resemble their pets. Another option is to find a baker that can create sugar figures modeled after the bride or groom’s pets. Take it a step further and have the entire cake carved in the shape of the pets.

Keep in mind that if this is not done very well, it may detract from the overall look of the wedding. If a couple likes this idea but is reluctant to have an animal-themed cake for their wedding cake, another option is to have a traditional wedding cake and then order the cake featuring the pets as a groom’s cake.


If the animals cannot be there in the flesh, they can still greet every guest that enters the venue. Copy shops, such as Kinkos, can make life-size cardboard cutouts from most high-quality digital photographs. This typically costs than $100 to complete.

Place the cutouts by the door where the guests will enter. Some couples dress their pets in formal wear so that when they greet the entering guests, they will be dressed appropriately.

Photo Shoot

Consider having a photoshoot, including the couple and the pets prior to the wedding. If the bride does not want the groom to see her dress, this will not be an option, but she could still take pictures of the bride and groom with the pets separately.

Make the photos from the shoot into a video montage that can be played throughout the reception.

Not every idea about how to include pets in a wedding will appeal to every couple. But for those who do not mind things a bit quirky, there are many ways to include the pets on the big day.


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