Make Your Proposal One To Remember in The Setouchi Region of Japan

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Proposal Idea - Head to the Setouchi Region of Japan

The Setouchi region of Japan is not only the country’s most soothing, authentic side but it happens to be a treasure trove for romantic evenings spent gazing not only at your partner but at incredible phenomena that give way to creating the most incredible memories one can imagine.

What's more romantically mesmerizing than gazing up to the sky, finding yourself under a blanket of stars? Well, some of the most incredible stargazing in Asia can be found in the Setouchi region of Japan.

And, we're going to tell you where & how so you can plan the perfect proposal or at least the most incredible date that you and your partner will never forget.

Hiroshima Prefectural Beach in the Setouchi region of Japan is a stunning swath of white sand against azure waters, where people enjoy kayaking and stand up paddling during the day before setting in to watch unbelievably impressive sunsets. And then, hours later, they take to the onsite Kure City Astronomical Observatory Hall along the sea to make use of the incredible telescope that delivers an incredible view, especially in fall & winter!

Here, you can see Saturn's rings and some of its moons and since the beach is far, far away from any urban areas, the viewing even without the telescope is absolutely spectacular.

Imagine your partner looking up at the stars, and you dropping to one knee to pop the question!

Photo via Setouchi DMO Facebook


And then, there’s Tomonoura, known as a healing city just as beloved today as it was centuries ago by Japanese poets that often told its story. Its seaside scenery is dramatic and the warm hearts of its inhabitants truly make it one of the most hospitable places in the world.

And, one of the most incredible due to its range of understated natural wonders like the fantastic show of electric blue light on Sensui Island! This mystical night happens in the summer where a smiling guide greets you and takes you out in the evening to the beach. You’re handed a bottle on a string, containing bait at the bottom. You throw the bottle in the water like you’re fishing…wait 5 minutes and check if you’ve managed to capture a local fish called Umihotaru. If it’s not shining yet, don’t be disappointed. Patience is key here.

Sprinkle some of that seawater on the beach and then stand back and watch as the sand begins to electrify in a brilliant blue flourenscent light. It doesn’t shine in the bottle, but somehow on the sand it dazzles. This arthropod only 3 mm long is the catalyst of this phenomenon and gives you a gift you will never, ever forget.

Photo Courtesy of Setouchi DMO

If you've not yet asked your partner for their hand in marriage, perhaps now is the perfect time as the water shines on the sand!

Beyond the beach, a stay in Tomonoura is best complemented with a history walk through the town to view some of the preserved temples and shrines, a Shakyo writing experience in a temple with one of the most picturesque views on the planet to inspire you, or dip into the water and paddle through the soothing ocean on a sea kayak along the coastline of a national park.

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